Sunday, June 28, 2009

5…$5…$5 Mondaaaay!!!


Etsy Texas Crafters(ETC) will be holding its first Fifth Monday Sales Event called $5 Monday. It will be held on Monday June 29th. The fifth Monday event highlights items in ETC Member’s shops that are $5.00, whether that is their regular price or a sale price.

This event will last 24 hours (12:01am - 12:00 midnight, Central Time / 1:01am Monday - 1:00am Tuesday, Etsy Time)

Click on the picture above to see all the shops that are participating in this great event.

I will have almost all my hemp bracelet included in this event!!!! So make sure you all check it out!


Saturday, June 27, 2009


I had never heard of an ACEO until I started my Etsy shop.  I have seen many examples of ACEO’s while on my time in Etsy, but nothing that really caught my eye. I’m not the artsy kind of person to begin with.  But then I stumbled across an Etsy artist, Roger Casanova from Casanova Design.

Roger is from California, but currently lives in Austin, Texas (Hook Em Horns!)

In his Etsy Profile, Roger says, “I enjoy the side of art that will allow us (as people) to express feeling and things we might not see often or realistically. I enjoy simple, whimsical line work...minimal color, minimal design. I like to allow the viewer to possibly see something that others might not see...and leave some room for thought and to the imagination. Personally I do believe everyone has some art in their heart...and if they can't express it on paper...or craft it, then they can express it by what they like.”

He had recently listed some items that I really liked and wanted, but had to wait for some sales in my shop so I could have some PayPal funds to buy stuff.  As soon as I got some PayPal funds, I rushed to his shop and grabbed what I had been wanting. Here is what I got.

This is my heartLa Cara     


Roger has also designed what he calls an “ACEO Jacket”.  Here are my ACEO’s in their “jackets”.


They are so beautiful and I love them. I am really glad that I decided to go to Roger’s shop for my first ACEO’s.

Here are some of Rogers other pieces. Click on the picture to go to it’s listing on Etsy.

el jugador

work in progress

 she loves me the engagement

Roger also has some beautiful bracelets. Click on the picture to go to it’s listing on Etsy.

Panteraafter 7 desert heart 

Make sure you visit his shop, blog, and twitter

Saturday, June 13, 2009

My discogram

Tuesday was the bid day. I arrived at the doctors office almost 35 minutes early. Better to be early than late, right? I did not have to wait long before I was called up. I was taken to an exam room where all the typical questions were asked. Then an IV was started and I was given a small amount of sedative and some antibiotics. The antibiotics are given because this procedure is technically a surgical procedure.

After the IV was started, I was taken to the procedure room. It is a big room with a table, different types of monitors, and a fluoroscope x-ray devise.

I lay, tummy down, on the table with my back exposed. I am hooked up to a pulse oxygen monitor and a blood pressure cuff. The doctor comes in, asks some questions, and then starts.

First he marks on me where he will be inserting the needles. Then he cleans the area with an antiseptic and places an incise drape on my back.

Lidocaine is then injected into different areas in my lower back. After a few minutes, the doctor begins to insert the spinal needles. 18 gauge needles were used as introducer needles and 22 gauge needles were used to advance into the center of the discs.

Because of the anesthetic, there is little pain when the needles are being inserted. That does not mean I did not feel anything. I can feel the doctor pushing on the needles as they go into my back.

As the needle gets closer to the disc and closer to the nerves, I can feel a sharp shooting pain run down my left leg. After the needles are inserted into the disks, a contrast dye is injected into them. This is done for two reasons. One, to make the disks more viewable on film, and two, to find which discs are injured.

In order to find the injured discs, the injected dye will create pressure and cause pain in that disc. The pain I felt was more like a large amount of pressure being placed on my back and not being taken off. It is not a good feeling.

The doctor tested three discs in my lower back. Here are two x-ray images. In these images, you can see the three needles in the three discs of my lower back

discogram 2 cens

ADDED 6-19-09 In the first disc you can see the dark dye stays in the middle. That is a normal disc. In the second disc you can see the dye moving towards the bottom. This is a bulging disc. In the third disc you can see how the dye is not concentrated in the middle like the first disc and a lot more is moving toward the bottom. This is the herniated disc.

discogram 1

After the dye was injected and the damaged disc located, the needles were removed, bandages were applied and I was taken to a recovery room. When I first got off the table and started walking, I noticed that my legs felt weak and wobbly. I sat down for a while, had some apple juice to drink and had my blood pressure taken.

After a few minutes of resting I was able to leave and go to an imaging center to get a CT scan. After the CT scan was completed, I went home and rested for the remainder of the day.

It has been 4 days and I am still a bit sore where the needles were placed. I have an appointment on Tuesday the 16th to get the results of my CT scan. The procedure was done by my pain specialist doctor so I will probably have to take the results to my neurosurgeon and see what the next step is.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Back to Business

I’m so so so sorry that I have not been blogging. I haven’t even been reading blogs. I’m so behind. Lots to talk about.

First, update on me!

On May 19th I went to my neurosurgeon to get my results from my myelogram. The Dr. told me that he did not see anything significant on the films. The next thing to do was take another diagnostic procedure called a discogram. This time the Dr. will be injecting a dye directly into my disk to recreate the pain and find if the disk is really the cause of the pain. To be truthful, this kinds scares me, but I guess it has to be done. I am scheduled to get it done on Tuesday June 9th.

I am officially a student again! I started summer school this week. I still have to walk quite a bit from the parking lot to the campus, but it is not as bad as it was in January. One week down nine to go!




June is Gay Pride Month, Yay!!!!!  In my Etsy Shop, I have a whole section dedicated to Gay Pride! I have a few items in there now. On Friday, I am getting a shipment of new beads!!! Exciting, right! Anyways, in that shipment I will be getting new beads to make more gay pride stuff.

There is a Gay Pride festival here in San Antonio, but I have never been to it. I might go this year, maybe.

I have also delve into earring making. It’s nothing fancy, but it is what I know, Hemp! Here is what I have started off with. Get a closer look at them in my shop!


Until next time………