Saturday, June 27, 2009


I had never heard of an ACEO until I started my Etsy shop.  I have seen many examples of ACEO’s while on my time in Etsy, but nothing that really caught my eye. I’m not the artsy kind of person to begin with.  But then I stumbled across an Etsy artist, Roger Casanova from Casanova Design.

Roger is from California, but currently lives in Austin, Texas (Hook Em Horns!)

In his Etsy Profile, Roger says, “I enjoy the side of art that will allow us (as people) to express feeling and things we might not see often or realistically. I enjoy simple, whimsical line work...minimal color, minimal design. I like to allow the viewer to possibly see something that others might not see...and leave some room for thought and to the imagination. Personally I do believe everyone has some art in their heart...and if they can't express it on paper...or craft it, then they can express it by what they like.”

He had recently listed some items that I really liked and wanted, but had to wait for some sales in my shop so I could have some PayPal funds to buy stuff.  As soon as I got some PayPal funds, I rushed to his shop and grabbed what I had been wanting. Here is what I got.

This is my heartLa Cara     


Roger has also designed what he calls an “ACEO Jacket”.  Here are my ACEO’s in their “jackets”.


They are so beautiful and I love them. I am really glad that I decided to go to Roger’s shop for my first ACEO’s.

Here are some of Rogers other pieces. Click on the picture to go to it’s listing on Etsy.

el jugador

work in progress

 she loves me the engagement

Roger also has some beautiful bracelets. Click on the picture to go to it’s listing on Etsy.

Panteraafter 7 desert heart 

Make sure you visit his shop, blog, and twitter


  1. Great shop.. I have heard that the ACEO's are worse than a drug habit... people start buying them and just cant stop... I am trying not to buy my first one.. but sometimes the lure is strong... :):)

  2. I like the pieces you bought. I always forget what ACEO stands for, but the first time I heard of them was on Etsy.

  3. I'm so glad you snapped some up. He's not only a great artist, he's a gracious person.