Friday, January 16, 2009

My First Blog

Ok, so this is my first post. I don't know yet what I will be blogging about. I think this will be a general type blog. Sometimes I will be talking about my Etsy shop, and other times, just about my life. More than likely there will be more post about whats going on in my world.

So, my short introduction: I am 24 years old and living in San Antonio, Texas. I am studying biology at The University of Texas at San Antonio.

I am also a gamer, not a hardcore gamer, but a gamer non the less. My console of choice is the XBox 360. If there is anyone out there that likes to play, add me to your friends list. My gamertag is GMikeD. I'm usually playing either Halo 3 or COD 4.

I have been making hemp bracelets for a couple years now, but have never actually sold them. I stumbled upon Etys and loved it. I'm still kinda new to Etsy, but so far it is going good. Just recently, I have added handmade Hemp Oil Salt Scrubs. I also plan on listing Hemp key chains.

Be sure to check out the other places I am at, like Myspace and Twitter.


  1. welcome to blogging and to etsy. Great stuff in your shop :)

  2. Your bracelets are really neat =)