Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dear Diary

It would be nice if I could write a blog everyday, but right now, my life is so boring. There really is not too much to blog about. I don't want to blog about my etsy shop everyday because that just gets annoying fast.

So this is what has been going on in my life......

I started going to physical therapy last Thursday. It's kind of what I expected. Electro -muscular stimulation, different types of stretches, and lite exercise.

I got my second steroid injection on Monday. I noticed the effects almost immediately. I go for hopefully my last one in two more weeks.

I will be going on a short road trip tomorrow to my hometown. I will be there for a few days visiting family and friends.

So Spring Break is starting soon. What are your plans? Remember not to go to Mexico, too much drug cartel violence. My mom is going to be visiting me during her spring break which starts on the 16th. So most of my time will be spent chauffeuring her around the city. I don't mind, it will be fun.

I added some more pics to my Flickr page. The first five pics are of those that I have not yet listed in my etsy shop.


Did you see Survivor today. They voted off that poor viejita Sandy. I was hoping that they would vote off the "eye candy" girl Sierra, but oh well.

And what's up with the Spurs?


  1. Where's your hometown? Is it in Texas as well?

  2. Yeah, My hometown is Del Rio, TX. It's about 2.5 hours southwest of San Antonio. Right on the Texas-Mexico border.