Saturday, March 14, 2009

What's Up With That ?

First, sorry about the no blogging for 3 or so days. Second, why did my Lazy Blog get more comments than my usual blogs, haha.

So there is this site called DIY I signed up for and won one of their contests. When I was notified, I was so happy because I haven't really won any type of contest before. My prize was my choice of tee shirt from Being the nerd that I am, I chose this shirt. Cool, right! Don't forget to check out the awesome stuff on DIY, and make sure you subscribe to their new article alerts

My local news stations started giving out grocery gift cards to viewers. I was up early one day and saw the number to call. You have to be the 12th caller to win. They had many chances to call throughout the morning broadcast. I called and called and called, and nothing. Eh, whatever, it was worth trying. Then I try again on Thursday. I call a couple of times, and nothing. Then I get through, but I am the seventh caller. I try one more time and Congrats you are the 12th caller and winner. Yay me! I won a $150 gift card to a local grocery store. How cool is that. That will help me out a lot. Anyone for T-Bone steaks......j/k

With all this winning going on, I am going to have to start playing the lottery. You never know, I just might win something, even if its $1, haha.

My mom has a week off for spring break (she is a teacher), and guess where she will be spending it. But it's ok. I love spending time with mom. We always have fun together. Shopping, going out to eat, shopping, resting, shopping, and maybe a movie in between, haha. I made sure my apartment was spotless because she will still tell me something if I have a messy apartment, haha, a mom is always a mom, right.

Our shopping goes kind of like this.

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Time to plug the shop:
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  1. Ha ha, yeah that shirt was even too nerdy for me but I mean I will still stop by for t-bones and some xbox gaming...which reminds me that I need to add you even though in like 4 seconds I am going to forget...oooooo donuts

  2. nice necklaces =) Thanks for the comments on my blog =) wB in blogging =D

  3. Quite the winning streak. I'd say the lottery is in order. :o) Can I rub your belly?
    Very cool chokers, by the way.

  4. It's always so fun and exciting to win stuff. Yay!!! I'm loving your necklaces btw : )

  5. Yay, you are just winning stuff right and left. My boyfriend's mom won $400 in the CA lottery last week.