Thursday, February 4, 2010


I had a piece of chuck roast in the fridge that had been thawing out and really did need to be cooked before it went bad. I decided to make it last night so it could be ready for lunch time. I asked one of my friends for a good recipe and she gave me one that she uses all the time. Of course I did not have all the necessary ingredients, so I just threw together what I did have.

I got the chuck roast and liberally seasoned it with a seasoning mix and a bit of cumin. I placed it in the crock pot and tossed in some sliced onions, some baby bell peppers and some beef stock. Turned the pot on low and let it cook.

It cooked for about 10 hours. I started it at 230am and by lunch time it was tender, falling apart and delicious.

I used the meat in a sandwich and it was goooood. You can also put the meat in a tortilla and call it a versatile. Don't forget to save and use the gravy, yummy.

Ok, I'm done with this post. bye

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