Monday, February 8, 2010

That Game With The Guys And The Ball

How about guys teams......whatever.

Just kidding. I know who was playing in the big game. Did you watch it? I did. I'm not a big football fan, but I always end up watching the Super Bowl. Lets be honest, I really only watch to see the so called awesome commercials and maybe watch the game in between them.

Anyways, I was invited to a cookout at my uncle's place for the game. It was nice. Spent time with family, had great food (that I cooked), and cheered for our team. I don't usually have a favorite team. I just pick one at the start of the game and root for that team.

Today I picked the winning team. But mostly because that's the team my uncle was rooting for. So, how about them Saints. Was that a great game or what!

On to the commercials

The commercials, in my opinion, were very disappointing this year, especially from Budweiser. My favorites as you can see below were from Doritos.

Here are the very few that I did like.

Snickers with Betty White and Abe Vigoda

Doritos Snack Attack Samurai

Doritos House Rules

Doritos Underdog

What were your favorite commercials?

OK Bye

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  1. I only watched the game and commercials for the family time... I do think I enjoyed the game a bit more this year than the commercials.. even though it seems like part of the game was missing.. like any excitement. The commercials.. well I guess I am just getting old.. I did not get the humor in most of them or the point.... oh well.