Tuesday, August 18, 2009

BEDA Day 18 - Movie Rentals

Do you rent movies? If so, where do you rent your movies from?

There are rental stores like Blockbuster, kiosks like Red Box, and online stores like Netflix.

Before the kiosks and online stores, there was only the physical stores like Blockbuster, or Hollywood Video. I haven't been to one of these stores in many years. I stick to the cheaper $1 a day kiosks like Redbox and Movie Cube.

I have recently come aboard the online movie rental scene and joined Netflix. I had resisted joining Netflix for the longest time, and the only reason I did join, was because Netflix partnered with XBox Live to stream unlimited ready to watch videos directly to the XBox and tv.

Right now I have the 1 DVD at a time and unlimited streaming. I'm fine with the 1 DVD at a time and have no need to get 8 DVD's at a time. I also like the feature of watching the unlimited streaming movies either on my computer or through my XBox.

Where do you rent your movies from?

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  1. Now when I want to watch something I look for it on http://www.hulu.com. Have you tried that? It's free.