Friday, August 7, 2009

BEDA Day 7 - Nazi Zombies

Gosh, the time sure does fly by when you are having fun. This post is a bit late, well, a lot late, but there is a reason.

If you follow me on twitter then you know that I am a fan of Call of Duty:World at War on the Xbox. I usually play online. There is this added game that is called Zombies. The goal of the game is to survive the attack of the Nazi zombies as long as you can.

I've only played the game once, but today my brother sends me a text and want to play co-operatively. It's cool because we live in different cities, but we can still play xbox games together. He had just started playing the Nazi zombie game and was hooked.

So we get online and start playing. We start off slow, but then get a plan going and do pretty good. We got up to level 11, and could not get past it. We ended up playing almost 4 hours.

The time really does slip by when playing online games.

After that, we decided to go ahead and play the regular game. We played through a few levels. I think we played for another 3 or 4 hours. We're not done yet.

Now we go and play the regular game, online, against other players.It's been a couple of hours and I realized that I have not yet posted.

So this is my post and now back to the game!!!

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