Monday, August 3, 2009

BEDA Day 3 - Rats!

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This post is going to be about my pet rats. Rats are really a great pet to have. They are smart, have their own personality, and are just cute. I started off with 2 female fancy rats.

Here are the first two I started off with. Misty on the left and Precious on the right.

Precious is the "boss" of the group. She is so friendly and loves to be touched and will follow me where ever I go. She loves the running wheel. She never gets tired of it. Every time I hear the wheel moving, it's her on it.
Misty is the trouble maker. She is the one that I have to watch when they are out of their cage. She loves to jump and is not afraid of jumping from the stand that the cage is on to to the floor. She is always finding a way to get away, and when she does, she will try as hard a possible to not get caught again. I've had to deal with that twice already. But she is also very friendly and will clean your finger nails and clip your cuticles for free!

Then I got Sugar, a female dumbo rat.

Sugar is the cute, sweet, shy one. When I first got Sugar, she was so shy and did not like anyone handling her. After some time and many snacks later, she got used to it. She is very calm and easy going.

Then I got Jasmin, a female blue rat.

I had always wanted a solid color blue rat, so when I saw Jasmine, I just had to get her. Jasmine too was a shy girl when I first got her. But warmed up to being handled quickly. She quickly became friends with the other 3.

Unfortunately, I have lost both Sugar and Jasmine at the same time to pneumonia.

So far Precious and Misty have been doing good. They are healthy and very active.

If you follow me on Twitter, then you know that I Twitpic a lot about my 2 girls.

Here are some extra pics


  1. Rats are great pets. I used to raise them when my kids were little. Sorry you lost two of them to illness. I've seen some great rat mazes at Ren. Faires. I wanted to get some more rats but we have two cats and I couldn't talk my boyfriend into it.
    Great blog post. My favorite so far.

  2. i have had sooo many pet rats, their names were: starlight,sweetie,coco,jasmine,rosie,holly, jasmine II. i still continue to get rats due to their awsome personality and they are soo easy to take care of.
    do you have msn, or just twitter?
    if you have msn messenger please add