Wednesday, August 5, 2009

BEDA Day 5 - Man v Food, San Antonio

Today on the new episode of Man v Food on the Travel Channel, Adam travels to San Antonio and visits Lulu’s Bakery and Café for their 3 1/2-lb. cinnamon roll. Then he goes to Big Lou’s Pizza and Chunky’s Burgers for the Four Horsemen Challenge. The episode will air tonight at 10 E/P.

To see pictures of Adam's visit to San Antonio, click HERE

I have watched this show many times and always wonder to myself if I could ever complete the challenges that Adam does. I have never done any type of food eating challenge, but I have thought about it. I am a big guy and can put down some food when I want to. Whenever I see food eating challenges on tv, I always think to my self, "that looks easy" or " I could do that". Until I actually do a challenge, I just keep my mouth shut.

The challenges that I know I can not do are the ones that have to deal with chilies and heat. I eat spicy food, but not too often. And just a bit of peppers will set my mouth on fire. I do admit that I am a light weight when it comes to eating anything spicy. Most of my family can eat jalapenos whole and love the spiciest salsa with almost every meal. When I visit my mom, she makes sure to keep the jalapeno seeds in with the salsa or pico de gallo, just to keep me away from it. It's ok though, I always make sure to have the mildest salsa in stock. I have been "practicing" and getting used to some salsas that I would not have dared touch before. It's a work in progress.

Here are the placed Adam visited:

Lulu’s Bakery and Café
Adam stops by Lulu’s for their three and a half pound 3 1/2-lb. cinnamon roll and a 48-oz. chicken-fried steak known as The Police Chief Special.
Address: 918 Main St, San Antonio, TX 78207

Big Lou’s Pizza
Adam goes to Big Lou’s for their 42-inch “Big Lou” – a 3 1/2-foot wide, 70-lb. mega pizza piled high with toppings.
Address: 2048 S WW White Rd, San Antonio, TX 78222

Chunky’s Burgers
Adam takes on the Four -Horsemen Challenge: a half-pound burger topped with the spiciest chilies in the world, including the infamous ghost chili. If he can, he’ll become only the fourth person to survive it.
Address: 4602 Callaghan Rd, San Antonio, TX 78228

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