Saturday, August 29, 2009

BEDA Day 29 - It was a Good Day

Today was a good day. I woke up early, well, early for a Saturday, around 10am. Did the usual beginning of day activities, you know, email, myspace, twitter, stuff like that.

Got a call from my uncle inviting me out for lunch. We went to a Chinese buffet place. Never been to that particular one before, but it was good. After that we went to the movie theater. We ended up seeing Inglorious Basterds.

It was a great movie. I always like Quentin Tarantino movies and this was definitely a Quentin Tarantino movie. When we got in the theater, the employee that took our ticket warned us that it was a 2 hour and 45 min movie. I'm not one to see long movies, but this movie did not seem that long. It really was a great movie.

When I got home, I spent the rest of the day cleaning my apartment. I am glad that I have a studio apartment and it does not take a long time to clean.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

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