Monday, August 31, 2009

BEDA Day 31 Last Day

That's right, I posted a blog for every day in August. That month sure did fly by fast. It was fun trying to think up things to blog about. Will I continue to blog every day after August. Probably not, but I just might blog more often than I did before I took on the BEDA challenge.

For my last blog of the month, I am going to post a video of one of the people I'm subscribed to on YouTube. No explanation is needed.

Just watch the video. At the end, let me know what your thoughts are. What were your thought during the video, after the video?

I hope you had a great month and enjoyed reading what I had to share.


  1. I think blogging everyday sounds like a cool idea to take on. It's pretty cool how you kept it up.

    As for the video, I think it's sad that those things still happen in Seattle. 2 years ago I did my term paper on gay rights and I think people who are against it are scared.

    I think the people who would go out and hit someone because of who they are - are the people who think everything is in black and white. Like "THIS" is how you should be, and "this" is how you shouldn't be. And after believing that and trying to force yourself into that mold maybe that's their reason to be hating on people who never devoted their lives to be something they're not. Maybe it's an internal thing.

  2. I try to blog every day too but I miss occasionally. Congrats on getting it done! This video is disturbing isn't it. No one should ever have to experience this kind of treatment. I think I would hit back...I don't know but I think I would. Too bad. May we all be more aware.

  3. That is quite the accomplishment. I have a hard time just trying to blog more than once a week.

    As for the video, it makes me very sad but it's uplifting at the same time. Sad because this guy obviously did not deserve to be insulted or injured, but happy because of his reaction to it. He chose to withhold any further violence. He maintains his sense of humor and a positive demeanor. People like him give me faith in humanity when others (such as the d-bag who attacked him) try to the threaten that faith. Thanks, dude!

  4. Way to go on the blog a day... I am there with hollyrocks on just trying to blog more than once a week.

    The video brought up lots of feelings... it makes me sad that people feel the need to strike out in any way negative with things they do not know or understand and angry that that there are so many who refuse to even try to understand anything unknown to them. I do feel for the people who keep themselves in these boxes of known and limit themselves to so many wonderful experiences in life. All the new things I have learned or experianced, even the ones I did not enjoy, have been blessings.